Heat treatment Plant for wood Packaging material as per ISPM 15 / Heat treatment Plant

If you require wood dryer machine for please specify following.
1. The capacity of Heat treatment Plant in Cubic Feet or Cubic Meter.
2. Which fuel you want to use? - Fired Wood / Diesel Oil / Natural Gas / Electricity.
3. Which Heating Media you want to use in Dryer - Steam / Oil.
4. Would you prefer civil construction or insulated panel type chamber.
5. Other specified requirement.

We are using best heating system and data logging system as per ISPM 15 and IPPC Standard.

We have heat Treatment plants are working in Middle east.

In our Heat Treatment plant working cost is 5- 6 Rupees per Pallet.

Total cycle time is 3 to 4 hours.

In our Hot Treatment Plant Chimney will not be there, so Clearance from Pollution control department will not be applicable.

In our Hot Treatment plant you may not required any pollution certification as our heating system follow European standards and electrical protection IP 55.