Steam Heater / Oil Heater

Finned Tube - The heart of Radiator & heat exchanger

SPIRAL TENSION WOUND CONTINUOUS CRIMPED TYPE MANUFACTURED FROM MILLED STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, Our crimped Finned Tube is higher in thermal efficiency by 18% more than conventional washer type finned tube and also `L' type finned tube. Thermal contact, 96% efficiency.

As and when you require Oil Heaters please send following details.

1. Heating Media - Steam or Thermic Oil.

2. Material of construction - Mild Steel or Stainless Steel.

3. Capacity of Fan connected to Oil Heater.

     A. Volume of Air Cubic Feet per Minute.

     B. Pressure of air in inch.

4. Required Kcal/Hr.

5. High temperature of heating media.

6. Available Space / Size of oil Heater.

7. Connection of Oil Heater in size and place on Heater.