Wood Dryer, Wood Dryer Machine, Wood Kiln

If you require wood dryer machine for please specify following.
1. The capacity of Wood Dryer in Cubic Feet or Cubic Meter
2. Which fuel you want to use? - Fired Wood / Diesel Oil / Natural Gas / Electricity
3. Which Heating Media you want to use in Dryer - Steam / Oil
4. Which wood you want to season, Size of wood and relative humidity in wood?
5. Would you prefer civil construction or insulated panel type chamber
6. Other specified requirement.

Thermal Wood Seasoning Systems working in more than 140 Factories in India as well as abroad. We are manufacturing Wood Dryer Since 1979 and since then we have created trust with operators and manufacturers.

The concept of Global quality pursued by constant research for the most reliable materials, simple and precise drive and control electronic system for seasoning cycle with personalized programs, manufacturers top level standard as for production and quality as well as reproducible results having consistent


Equipment for wood dryer machine are made out of best quality of material like MS steel Sections. Heat transfer grade steel tube fin tubes type heavy duty heat exchangers suitable to use steam, Thermic Fluid Oil system, hot or superheated water system.
Provisions to exhaust humid air from interval of the chamber with a recall of fresh air of the same time through purpose built dampers.

The Main components For Wood Dryer are..

• The Heating device
• The Humidification device
• The Device for air circulation and replacement.
• The cycle programming and control device.
• All the parts and component of plants in special version are planned and manufactured to work at high temp.